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    Welcome to the Artist Alley's media downloads. You can shop as a Guest or Member.  This is one of two places you can shop for your favorite works. This store provides digital copies of photos and videos for your personal collection or art project and is a way to support the Artists.


    New Member registration can take awhile to get email. Check your spam box if you don't see your order request or registration email.  Currently Accepting Limited Edition Coupon. If you got one, use it during checkout for FREE or DISCOUNTED Price of your order.
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    Do I have to register?
    No, but as a member you will have the ability to shape OUR SHOP, it's your shopping experience that is important to us for entertainment and fun. This is your custom collection of artwork from around the world. By registering you can also keep track of your purchases.
    How do I preview before purchase?

    We understand you would like to preview the item before you purchase. Currently item previews are limited. You can follow the blog which may feature an item(s).  Some packages contain 1 photo or video and other can contain many photos or combination of such items.

    The product preview picture is going to be the best representation of what you will receive without us giving the item away by providing previews.

    How do I access my invoices?

    Check your spam box if you don't see your order request or registration email. If you have the order number email us and we can resend and reset your download purchase.

    Currently Accepting Limited Edition Coupon. If you got one, use it during checkout for FREE downloads.
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    Refund Policy and Cancelation
    Refund Policy And Cancelation, these will be handled on a case by case via email. Provide your order number and contact us at: shop@wmixstudios.com
    Can I purchase a Print or Other Item based on the art?

    Yes, currently you can get made to order items from Posters, Pillows, Phone cases to clothing with our online store at Redbubble.(click here)

    You can also access this from either our main OnDemand site or from the main menu.

    Why do my downloads show expires: "never"?

    So, sometime you may see a number of days the download link will be available and sometimes it may show it never expires. Your download remaining is important though, because that tells you how many times you can download from that link.

    My remaining downloads are 0, how can I download my order again?

    Pease summit are request for order review, if qualified we can reset your download limit.

    I never received and email, what happened?

    This can happen at no fault on ours. If you made a typing error on your email, it most likely never will reach you. Contact us and we might be able to reset your purchase.

    You can avoid some issue like this by registering an account, that way you know you can access any order history from the store.

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