Short Film 360 VR Series(sf360vr).

Presented by: Web Mixstudios

  • creator - Clouddancer9
  • features - 360 VR experience
  • genre - Parody

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Quick Link: click the image in the twitter feed to the right or below.

Navigate: Use mouse or finger to pan around 360 degrees.
Shortcut Keyboard
: W A S D keys to pan around + - to zoom in and out
VR Gear not required, but the gear does expand you experience.
Safety Tip: Use a revolving chair vs standing so as not to running into objects around you.

Alt. Players

360 Parody SF360VR Series
How To Be The Next Ninja Warrior 360 Parody SF360VR Series.

Music Provided by youtube creators
Follow on Twitter: @clouddancerfsx

Artist: clouddancer9
Release Date: Aug. 2016

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