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March 20, 2020

Trailers and Promos

Ann T Hill("anthill")

Alt. Players

How To Doodle Ariel
I quick look at drawing the D series.
Artist: Annthill
Release Date: Mar. 2018

Alt. Players

HELA THOR Ragnarok
Fascinated with movie character portray of Hela by Australian actress Cate Blanchett, I took to the digital pad and created a few sketches.

Here is a the black and whites turned into a collage of the two pieces.
Artist: Annthill
Release Date: Dec. 2017

Alt. Players

Color Practice
Time-Lapse Series: Final Cut pro sample Speed Drawing: Practicing layout/color testing of cartoon network characters.
Feature: Final Cut Pro X(FCPX)
Artist: Annthill
Release Date: Mar. 2018

Alt. Players

The Spooky Awakening of Elm Park
Still Animation Series: Short film about the girl who wakes up only to find that her eye has been altered.
Feature: Final Cut Pro X(FCPX) Special effects
Artist: Annthill
Release Date: Oct. 2016

Digital Recreation The Controller
Fanart Doodle Series: As part of the live stream with Periscope, was having some fun with testing and recreating black and white line drawing of The Controller.
Feature: Wacom
Artist: Annthill
Release Date: Sept. 2017

Cloud Dancer("clouddancer9")

Alt. Players Alt. Players

Peel That Onion Parody with Casey and Candice
A recreation parody with the two of them in their couples therapy podcast.
Artist: Clouddancer9
Release Date: Sept. 2018

Alt. Players

How To Be The Next Ninja Warrior
How To Be The Next Ninja Warrior 360 is a parody from the SF360VR Series. This shortfilm is a VR 360 experience that can be watched on any mobile device, desktop or with a VR head gear(not required). From the yTube creator "Clouddancer9", this takes you into the work of fantasy and fun of being the Next Ninja Warror!

Artist: Clouddancer9
Release Date: Aug. 2016

Alt. Players

Take To The Sky - FSX
FSX trailer flying a Navy A4 Skyhawk over Reno Nevada.
Artist: Clouddancer9
Release Date: Sept. 2011

Alt. Players

The Call To Glory
PIP FSX Jet animated commercial.

Artist: Clouddancer9
Release Date: Sept. 2011


Alt. Players

How to Articulate Phicen
Trailer review of how to articulate Vampire by Phicen.
Studios: Web Mix Studio
Release Date: Nov. 2017

Alt. Players

Unboxing photographic print metallic
With a shift to a new store front, which offers more products with great quality. Why not collect some of the fun art featured in our studios.
Studios: Web Mix Studio
Release Date: Jul. 2018

Alt. Players

Artist Digital Painting BTS doodling
A look into the artist's digital sketchbook and the creation of some fun designs for print and sports clothing.
Studios: Web Mix Studio
Release Date: Feb. 2018

Alt. Players


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